B5-Lite ' "Unable to Load Data, Please Re-Load" Error

Ive got a B5-Lite here that I just upgraded with the 1.5.1 firmware. It completed the upgrade and the countdown afterwards but as soon as it went back to the unlock screen and I click in the box to type the unlock code in, a pop-up box says “Unable To Load Data, Please Re-Load” then you can select Cancel or Reload. I tried both buttons and all it does is the window goes away real quick and then re-appears over and over again. Ive tried just a simple power cycle but I also used the reset button as well and again goes to the unlock page where it does this…

Havn’t seen this before, but the normal web management recommendations are never a bad idea.

Try a couple different web browsers, also try “Private Browsing” mode.

Different computer

Redo the whole unlock process, could have been a bug on the Mimosa Server Side. (Never seen one, but it could happen.)

If those don’t help I would go to Mimosa Support (Bottom left of this screen that says “Chat with us”) they might have to RMA the radio.

Here is the weirdest thing Ive seen before. I really paid attention to what exactly I was doing when this happened. It seemed to be mouse related, maybe… What I did was after one of the times I power cycled the unit and the login screen first appeared I did not use my mouse at all to move around the web interface to make all the needed settings changes. I strictly used my keyboard to navigate around the interface and after I saved all my changes and I rebooted the unit it came back up to the login screen. From that point on I was all good to move around the interface with my mouse and do whatever I needed to do without this “Unable to Load Data” error… Weirdddd