B5 Power Level Settings [RESOLVED]

So I tested my B5 units indoors for a week or more just to get a feel for the settings and configuration in general and I was very impressed. iPerf testings showed really good results and I played with almost every setting using both auto-everything and manual settings.

Now that I have put my devices in the field for testing I’m seeing an issue; wither I’m using auto-everything or manual settings the radio seems to always suggest low power levels (much lower than I feel is required). I really get a link up and when it does go up it’s around -93dBm.

The link is 7.5 miles of which 99% is water. No mater what channel setting I choose, the radios do not seem to allow for power levels higher than 7dBm; I can only seem to get this level on one frequency. Most of the frequencies only allow for 1dBm max.

The auto-everything setting never chooses the 7dBm settings, always 1-4dBm. Does this even sound right for a link of this distance? I can never get even 300mb rates with these settings.

I came form a Mikrotik background. I have links at 10-12miles (99% over the water) and I get -55dBm links.

What am I missing?

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Thanks for contacting directly via our live chat line. I would be interesting to know how the received signal on your B5 compares to the prediction from the Mimosa Design tool.

Auto Everything only looks at packet error rate, PER, to determine which frequency to operate on and when and which frequency to switch to. It does not adjust the transmit power.

The maximum transmit power is limited by the regulatory restrictions of the country the radio is operating in. Most countries have both an unlicensed and licensed version of their country code, again country regulatory restrictions apply. It might be worth try both for the country your B5s are operating in.

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So I unlocked my device using my country’s licensed mode and my B5 it was like night and day… I am now able to go all the way up to 24dBm on any frequency!

I guess the search is now on for the best frequency. So far I can’t seem to find anything that gives me more than 150mb rates on the local bandwidth test.

Thank you!