B5 problems Lite , freezes

Well, these days buy a set of mimosa B5 Lite , as the first steps of the firmware update was performed Each B5Lite proceeded to perform the unlock process were acquired . Until then everything was fine, when B5 Lite configurations observed that one of the B5 Lite loses connection to the LAN port. I can not directly access the Lite B5, it is as if the B5 Lite crashes. that could be happening ? The two teams are new.
the b5 lite fail to have connection between them
sorry for my bad English

HI Diego,

Unfortunately this seems to be common with the B5 Lite units.We have driven countless times to power cycle the units so that the link comes up. If you are lucky, you will have the far end fail and you can power cycle remotely.

We have seen this on many radios with no clear idea of why. You can try to set up the ping watchdog to see if that helps. Have it ping the bottom of the tower so when the Ethernet stops working it reboots.


Hi Arthur,

We reviewed the support logs for your link and have not seen any port flapping after the upgrade to firmware 1.4.1 which improves Ethernet interoperability with some models of switches. If you see the same problem again, please let Support know and we can help further.

We recommend that anyone with Ethernet problems upgrade to firmware version 1.4.1 to eliminate interoperability as a root cause.

For the benefit of others, our Ethernet troubleshooting guide provide a list of other steps to eliminate most Ethernet problems: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-troubleshooting-guide-ethernet

Hi Diego,

We can’t see your radios on the cloud to help, so you should contact support and share your logs with them. From the problem description, it could be a number of things including the following:

  • DHCP IP address assignment changes the IP address from what you expect

  • Routing confusion on your laptop with both wireless and wired interfaces enabled. Try turning off your wireless interface and wire directly to the Mimosa PoE.

  • Use Passive PoE only with the B5-Lite, not 802.3af/at. Mimosa PoE’s are passive.

  • Please review other steps in the Ethernet troubleshooting guide in my post above.

We had a similar experience with a corporate client. After weeks of them going up and down, they finally died. A reboot would not bring them back up. We replaced them with an old back haul we had in the shop to get the client back up and going over the weekend a couple weeks ago and have not had time to put them on the bench and dissect the root cause.

Hi Paul,

We responded immediately when you reported a problem on August 7, but we never received any serial numbers or logs from you, so it is difficult to say what your problem might have been. Please respond to my email requesting more information so that we can help you.


No complaints with the response time. I just can’t hang out at a customer site while there service is hard down scratching my head and sending you serial numbers. I had to get the customer up, so the gear that was giving me intermittent problems previously and failed hard on this occasion came down and we replaced it with something that has been more reliable. I would like to work with you guys to figure out what happened and get the link up and going again (most likely somewhere else), but the reality of it is we don’t have a lot of “bench time” these days. If you would like me to send the link to you guys to review it and see what went wrong I’d be happy to. Otherwise it will sit on the once bitten twice shy shelf until we have time to play with it.

Paul R. Vaughn
Tennessee Wirelesshttp://tennesseewireless.com/
(931) 996-2050

Hi Paul,

Understood, but please send us anything you can so that we can start to help. It sounds like you had trouble for weeks, but didn’t give us a chance to help when the radios were still installed. The ideal time for us to diagnose problems is when the radios are still installed so that we can see the behavior on both sides in real time.

hola, realmente agradezco mucho por tomarse el tiempo y responder, pero los posibles problemas que usted menciona fueron revisados, los equipos no aparecen en la nube porque los tengo desconectados, el B5 lite que presentaba el problema mencionado fue enviado al RMA . la verdad me siento muy desconforme con Mimosa, me he encontrado con otros compañeros que tienen el mismo inconveniente que yo. el equipo se reinicia . pierde conectividad LAN, restauro los valores a fabrica y el mismo problema continua . este equipo permanece 5 minutos encendido y se apaga… si observa en la comunidad de mimosa brasil, podrá observar mas de 10 casos idénticos al mio. el problema de flapping con los router MikroTik es algo muy molesto también. como es posible que ningun otro Radio tenga ese problema y Mimosa si… Realmente desearía poder solucionar los problemas debido a que mimosa parece ser un radio que promete mucho…

Le envio un saludo grande. y espero estar en contacto

Hi Diego,

There are some known incompatibilities with certain Mikrotik models and firmware. Placing a switch between the Mimosa PoE and Mikrotik is a troubleshooting technique that can be used to identify this as a cause. If you would please contact our support team before removing radios from their installed conditions, we would be happy to help further diagnose your problem.

I searched by your email address and found no record of you contacting us for an RMA. Would you please email support@mimosa.co with these details?