B5 ptmp firmware?

Any update on the PTMP firmware for the B5C… I have a new location to be installed in the next few weeks and would love to use this…


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Come on, 12 days and no one can give a time frame…

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Hi Samuel,

We don’t know what the exact release date will be quite yet. A very limited initial beta is just getting started, so those results may impact the release time line depending on test performance. Taking a conservative view, I would not count on a production release within the next few weeks for your project. I would be happy to provide beta code once we’re through a few test cycles and will private message you at that time if beta code is tolerable in that project.


Put me on the list to for Beta testing when you are readyready

Will the B5 (as client) work with the B5C when it’s in PTMP? What do you lose in features when changing a PTP link link to PTMP?

Any Update on PTMP, I have not got a Beta Email in quite some time.


How is the update with ptmp going
there have been no update on this in long time

hope to hear some good news

I am also curious. I have 2 Ubiquiti PTMP backhauls (Each of them with 1 AP, 2 Stations) that I may want to try switching to Mimosa.

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hello any news on this as it would help you sell your existing kit B5C especially when the C5c is not available yet



Do you have any beta current beta firmware I have not got any emails from you in a while.

I also have a A5c we installed today that will not stay negotiated at 1Gbps when connected to a Mikrotik, It will stay at 1Gbps when connected to our laptop or a switch. I am hoping you have a firmware to fix this issue.


Jaime posted the following about GPS-Sync beta progress and availability. We’ll reach out once we expand to a wider beta user base.

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This post is moving away from the subject of where is the B5 multipoint firmware, at the moment there is a big need for ptmp firmware for the B5 and B5c to supply the back haul to sites with A5s and also a need for SNMP on the A5, i use B5s and B5c for backhaul, tower space is at a premium and for ptmp back-haul the A5 is not a good solution because of the size of the antennas.

I am going to need a PTMP solution in the coming months for back-haul and wanted to use the A5C for this and as the C5c is not available yet i wanted to know if I can i use a b5, b5c or b5 lite as clients connecting to a A5C.

Many thanks


This is not currently supported, and we are not committed to working to allow the B5c to talk to the A5c. Unfortunately you’ll need to wait a few more months on the C5c for some longer range clients beyond the C5.

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I´m also looking forward to a PtMP firmware for the B5. Would be nice for our business customers. Please prioritize if in any way possible.


We are currently not planning to bring to market the multipoint software on the B5 series. Please refer to our statement here for info:

Update? …