B5 Reset Procedure

Hector, one more question.
Is there any way to recover my passwords without resetting the radios to factory settings? i need help with my mimosa b5

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Hello Nahum,

Unfortunately, the only way to reset password on B5/B5c/B5Lite/B11 is to reset the device. I have included the link to the reset procedure from our help site for reference:


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Welcome to the link here and how to retrieve the password of the mimosa.


This is where the Serial Number entered the closed mimosa


Recieved a 500 internal server error so I followed the reset procedure using the mimosa B5 switching power supply but the MimosaR### network was not visible (Even with my laptop right next to the B5) so I am unable to complete the reset procedure. It currently now is just stuck in a cycle of flashing green on the power light for about 1.5 minutes and then moves to constant red on the wireless light for about 2 minutes

@Darren1, I would talk to Mimosa support. (Orange button on the bottom right of your screen that says “Chat with us”)

This is a pretty old thread as well.

Old but still relevant - Yes, thanks. Online chat was closed when I posted, I’m in Australia - hence my post