B5 Units available (out of warranty)

Dear all,

We have recently discovered there is no option to support(repair) a B5 unit which is malfunctioning outside of its 12 month warranty.

As we run a carrier grade network this is not a suitable solution for us going forward so we will be removing all (Fully working) B5 links from our network when they reach the end of their warranty period.

If these units are of interest, ping me a PM and we can discuss a price.

Stocking spares is SOP. If a device dies under warranty you replace it from spares and RMA the broken unit. If it’s not under warranty you replace it from spares and if it’s not repairable you toss it. I don’t understand what difference saying “carrier grade” makes in this process ?

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My mention of carrier grade pertains to equipment which is meant to be highly reliable. Something which is instantly unrepairable after 12 months is not very reliable at all in my opinion. I agree with the process of swapping out a failing radio with spares and RMA’ing the failing radio (which is exactly what we do) so I’m not sure of your point…

A B5 is only $700. It’s not like this is a 60Ghz Lightpoint at $40K a pair or even an Airfiber 24HD at $3K per end. It’s a relatively cheap radio that moves traffic very well.

At 12 months of age it has cost it’s $58 per month. At that price it’s disposable. I have first Gen B5’s that have been out there for nearly 3 years with no problems. That’s $20 per month. So my point is that I don’t see how such a cheap piece of gear not being repairable 12 or more months after deployment is such a big deal.

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Hi Ian,

This particular network is in the UK so I think our pricing is much higher. I’m not sure how your experience bears any relevance to our situation. We’ve had a high failure rate of all mimosa equipment that’s been deployed, mostly seemingly software related. If we are going to draw comparisons of similar products, e.g. an airfiber 5 rather than a 24ghz radio, these are repairable by ubiquiti out of warranty.

You have mentioned that you don’t see the problem, but that seems to be because you’ve been lucky enough to have units that have not experienced any problems, I suspect there is an equal number of people that have have had issues To be honest, I just want to dispose of the radios so let me know if you’d like to buy some as you seem very happy with yours!

Netonix may be offering the service you are asking for. I would check with them.

I would not call them disposable. The CPE available now, probably, but not a backhaul.

If Mimosa doesn’t offer a repair service, check into general electronics repair houses in your region, perhaps start with ones that already repair radios.

Are you based in the USA?

Netonix and SWG are offering repair services.