B5 Unlicensed BackHaul


I have got a question as somone asked me as well regarding B5 PtP. As we know It uses 5 GHZ.

Is it possible that it may cause or interfere other 5Ghz devices around it or others block our connection and speed? Is it better to chose other product than 5Ghz?



since 5 GHz is an unlicensed band, it’s quite likely that there are other systems around which could cause interference. It is also possible that your system causes interference to other systems.
But in most situations there are possibilities to minimize the impact on your system. You could for example use bigger/better antennas, etc.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,

I didn’t know that we could connect Antenna with B5. Which Antenna could I use?


You would need to be using the B5C in order to leverage a different (better) antenna.

The regular B5 is self-contained.

I am not sure if B5C requires license in UK and where I could buy full kit PtP?

Hi Mo,

The 5 GHz band is unlicensed in the UK.

Our distributors are listed here: http://www.mimosa.co/partners

Sorry yes I thought it was B11 that use 1100 ghz and might need a license.