B5 vs B5c w/30dBi Rocketdish for mid-range distance backhauling


I am setting up tower backhauls using the b5c with a 30dBi Rocketdish. One of my associates has mentioned that using such a large antenna is not optimal for links under 10 miles.

Would be using a standard b5 with the integrated antenna be more optimal?

Why would it not be optimal?

Higher gain means you don’t have to use as much transmit power, depending on the antenna you also avoid some issues with noise.

Also, in the 5.8 GHz range it allows you to have a higher overall EIRP legally.

Cost is a factor, but so would having spares for a single link that is unique in your network.

If you are only going like 2 miles, ya, 30 dB is kinda overkill, but if you are going 9.9 miles, I would say the extra cost means you have more flexibility in the future. Mind describing the link a bit?


Another added benefit to a higher gain dish is that they typically have narrower beam widths. So in addition to the advantages mentioned by William5, you can reduce the amount of noise you might pick up that is from the sides of your intended path.