B5c 4km link -62db ethernet port flapping

I have a b5c ptp link 4km . a clear line of sight all i am getting is


PHY Tx Rate


PHY Rx Rate.
in fact, I am not happy at all. using a 34dbi Ubiquiti dish.
hope I can get some help with this. my first taste of mimosa and it’s leaving a bad impression on me.

What channel number and size are you using?

What are the TX/RX chains and the SNR values?

Channel Width (MHz)|1x20|
Center Frequency 1 (MHz)|5805 MHz|
Tx Power 1 (dBm) 30

29.3dB SNR


Noise Floor

Lets go down the list here

  1. You are not aligned or you have something blocking your path as you should be much hotter with 34dBi dishes and 30db of output power

  2. Your dish is linking up at 10 half duplex

1.i can see the dish straight .lined up according to the link planner.
2.half duplex its flops from 10/100/1000 it should not be so.i am plugging in a Huawei fibre router .
when i plug in other devices to the router I get 1000mbps so I don’t know why the poe is having this issue

Ya, something isn’t right, for a 4 km link with 34 dBi Dishes and using 30 dBm of transmit power you should be screaming loud…

I duplicated your link on the design tool and these are the numbers I got:

That said, you shouldn’t run your link that hot, I would reduce your TX power to as low as it can go, realign the link and then turn up your TX power until you are in the low 40s maybe mid 30s. -23 will saturate your receiver and cause issues with the link. (It would be like listening to a stethoscope while someone yells into it)

thank you William I have done so as you suggested now its at -55db
i am honestly very disappointed with Mimosa at this juncture the poe/radio had to be changed to another vendor just to get it to be stable at 1000mbps .