B5C and A5C changes for FM interference

Hi guys,
I wanted to share with you the changes we made to the mimosa apparatuses, because of a problem on our post we had to move on a trellis where there are radio fm with 5kw, from there started the problems with mimosa, which: gsm not found, ethernet ports that negotiated at 100 half duplex also with cable cat7 +, and b5c that could not even negotiate 10 megs, as we did not want to give up mimosa we tried everything without result, then we opened the equipment and from there we found the solution I want to share with you. I attach pictures of the changes made for now only the b5c.

As a first modification we created this shell in stainless steel, being plastic and therefore exposed to interference.

We have inserted an sfp to ethernet converter, now the ethernet works only as a poe, in the b5c the data passes only through fiber.
Now the gps and ethernet work great with interference.
For any questions, ask me.

I also attach the changes to the A5C for days

Lidano T.


Hi friend,
Your sharing is very good. Thank you for your sharing.
i want to change lan to sfp. Can you help me? How can i change it?
can you give me detail?