B5C Antenna recommendation

What are good available Antennas in the 30dB/60cm Range. Does it make sense to use 45 degree slanted Antennas?

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We use the 31dbi dual armored antennas by Xwave.(model Xwave 5831DP-BL - SLA)
Is a armored antenna and armored radio box integrated. that´s cool by 0km to 30km.

For very interference regions or over water I use and recommend the 35dbi dual armored antennas by Algcom.




Dear Stefan, as we are from Brazil we had great success with ALGcom that is a local manufacturer. But you can use any good antenna such as RFS, Andrew, it is important NOT to save on the antenna specially if you are looking for a long backhaul. Avoid manufacturers that overstate dBi.

The slanted antenna helps to decrease noise by 3 dB. It is not much really, I don’t think that has the best return on the dollars invested. I would go for a top brand antenna as I have mentioned above if ALG is not available.

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“Post must be at least 20 characters.” So I added a few more.

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Any suggestions for B5c antennas that work down in the 4.9 GHz public safety band? High gain is less critical than decent side/back rejection. Something the size of a B5, but which works that low, would do. We have a B5-lite running just fine but some sites will want sync, as well as the isolation that a full metal dish provides.

So far one from the “usual suspect” (begins with U) looks like the easiest choice.

I use antennas from L-Com and have been very happy with their quality,customer service and delivery. Pricing is usually good as well when buying in quantity. I have primarily used their sectors. In most cases they will have an equivalent to the models made by “U” know who.

Has anyone used rocketdishs or airfiber dishes?

We are using the L-com 34 Db antennas and they are working great

I found that they have the antennas for sale at $180.00


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I’d jump on them if they were $180 but they are listed at $301. At that price, the Ubiquiti RD-34 is better if you might need a shield kit. I haven’t tested Ubiquiti’s replacement though.

The slant 45 feedhorns help with eliminating some of the “thermos” that microwave paths pick up, and also not seeing a lot of the WiFi router garbage that is on the channels! Recommend them highly, especially in high interference areas or long links!

Just REMEMBER, that if you use “slant 45” feedhorns, make sure to reverse the RF dish connections at one end of the link (Swap “V” and “H” RF connections connected from dish to the radio). Otherwise they will NOT get the correct antenna polarity ! The newer firmware is supposed to help in this regard, but it is just a lot easier to cross one end! (We usually do the MASTER end)

No one mentioned the integrated cables… I purchased adapter cables for the N to rpsma, but didn’t realize there had their own built in cables and not the usual UBNT connectors. Now I need the opposite gender to connect. Anyone know if the cables are soldered inside the feedhorn? Tower climb in the morning and not the right gear the night before. :\

I bought a kit that came with l-com’s 30db but im having to much noise problems with them. My link is 9,6 km, what are your links like? what have you been able to achieve with the 34’s?

Would appreciate your feedback since the are the only ones I can get in Colombia.


Hello Beranrdo
Could you please add screenshots of both sides?
Wireless & Power

What firmware are you using?


All depends the connector you have
This eby seller has almost any cable and connectors that works with every antenna out there
We tested some of the premade cables and they work great


You can said what long distance with this link ??