B5c AP in PtP Deployment - Dashboard BLANK

Deploying B5c in PtP setup. AP/Master side of link has a blank Dashboard tab (and shows no GPS satellites available) and Link tab shows no active connections. Station/Slave side of link does not have this issue - typically. I’m going to verify if I have a bad radio in this particular instance as one station showed dashboard data and one station in a different PtP link did not. One anomaly on the station side is the link detail information on the dashboard does not show the ‘friendly name’ of the AP/Master radio in its display.

What’s interesting is a bench test link is established and data is passed across all of these radios even though there is no indication in the web interface a link is active/available. Running v2.8.1 fw.

It’s almost like the AP/Master does not know its in a PtP setup and hence does not know what data to display. Is there a configuration switch somewhere to force an AP/Master into a PtP setup mode?

I have to get these radios deployed and need answers soon.


The Station/Slave radio not displaying GPS, dashboard, or link status messages was also not displaying configuration details from the AP/Master radio. I replaced the Station/Slave radio with a spare and I am now seeing what I anticipate.

The AP/Master radio, however, is still not displaying connection details under the dashboard or link and has no GPS satellites found. Subsequently, the ‘aiming’ mode is not accessible. It is, however, on the swapped Station/Slave. Remember, these radios are in PtP Link Mode so there should be a 1:1 relationship for display of status at the AP/Master radio.

Going to try swapping Master/Slave and see if blank dashboard follows Master or sticks with physical radio.

Quick update - problem did follow radio when swapping AP/Master and Station/Slave ends of the link which narrowed it down to the system itself.

I then did a factory reset of the problematic 3 of 5 radios and all recovered and operated as expected.

Lesson learned when taking a new radio out of the box for the first time - power up radio, upgrade firmware, apply the activation key, set the password, login, and do a factory reset of the radio.

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You did exactly the correct procedure for diagnostics. I tend to setup a radio and leave it sitting powered up for a day or two just to make certain that everything is working right. Some guys call it “burn in”, helps to catch mistakes for me at least…