B5C can't unlock "Error Unable to load data. Please reload."

After turning it on/booting it up when I open up a prompt shows up that says “Error
Unable to load data. Please reload.”

I already unlocked it and it won’t let me put it my Unlock key.

Try to factory reset it in case there’s something stuck internally.
Try a browser in private/incognito mode in case there’s something in the browser’s cache causing an issue.

If neither of these works, you probably need to contact Mimosa support.

You might need to clear your browser cache, Mimosa’s web GUI seems to have some hiccups occasionally and I have found a lot of success when I swap over to a different browser or jump into an “in private” browsing window.

I have had this issue twice, and both times I was able to get around it by using a private browsing page with Firefox or Chrome.

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Having same issue and either of the browser work.