B5c Distance Question

I am looking for a solution for a 20 mile haul. I need to get around 200 Mbps if not more and would like to know if this unit can do this? It is in the rural part of northern Idaho and have literally no noise to compete with.


The B5c will do 600Mb+ at that distance under the following conditions:

You MUST have free line of sight.
Free Fresnel zone.
Have a good dual polarity antenna. 30dBi or better.
Low noise level.

You can use Mimosas link calculator to model your link, Sign up for access.

If all is perfect, then you could get up to gigabit performance.

Thanks for the fast reply and info. The network tools are great and informative. What would be some great dishes to use with the B5c unit?

After going through the forums I found a few people like Jirous dishes. I am looking at the Jirous JRC-32 DuplEX and it looks pretty impressive. If there is anything better, please let me know.

That dish should give you excellent result for your distance with a clear line of sight path and low noise level.
There is probably higher gain dishes available but I don’t think you need any higher gain for top performance at 20 miles.