B5c ethernet 100mb full duplex

good day! I upgraded my C5c to B5c, after how many hours, from 1000mb full duplex, it changes to 100mb full duplex, I am not having this problem with C5c before. and I am using the same cable I used in C5c. i tried re crimping the cable but it doesn’t work… both the AP and the station are now in 100mb full duplex…

Thanks for the answer!

At this point, I’m just guessing. However, after looking at the picture of your log, it shows the Ethernet frequently resetting and finally dropping to 100 Mbps. It may be that the new units are more sensitive to problems than the old ones. I can think of a couple of possibilities. 1) There is something wrong with the Ethernet signal on the cable. Use a good tester to verify that the link certifies for 1 Gbps. 2) Are you using the same power supply that you used on the old units? If so, they may not be up to handling the new devices and you may have minor power problems from them. Not enough to cause the devices to reboot, but perhaps enough to cause noise on the Ethernet cable.

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Try putting Ground in your Radio.

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good day sir… i am using the poe injector bundled with the B5c. it is the same cable i used on my C5c before.

tomorrow ill try to use a pure copper utp cable and hope it will work…

thank you sir!

thanks sir, ill try putting ground on my radio later