B5c have a B5-lite station?

I have a Clinet that just bought a B5-lite link to use on there 4.9ghz spectrum. Only problem is the link that it replaced is right next to 2 other radios blasting out 4.9ghz… They really need some syncing…

So my question is can I buy a set of B5c’s and put them at the Colo tower and use the current b5-lite’s as stations on the other ends?
Basically changing it from Old 4.9—> Old 4.9—> Switch----> B5-lite 4.9—> B5-lite 4.9 To:

B5-lite 4.9—> B5c 4.9 synced—>Switch----> B5c 4.9 synced—> B5-lite 4.9

Would that work and sync the close radios?

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Hi David,

B5-Lite firmware 1.3.1 only has an Auto TDMA setting, which is incompatible with GPS-Sync. Both ends of the link need the same fixed TDMA settings for this to work, so this wouldn’t work with the currently released firmware.

We will be reintroducing fixed TDMA options to B5-Lite in an upcoming PTP firmware version 1.4.0, which may work for you, but we won’t officially support B5/B5c to B5-Lite links until PTMP backhaul firmware is released a bit later.

If you wanted to try B5/B5c to B5-Lite once 1.4.0 PTP firmware is released, make sure all of the following are true:

  • B5c’s are configured as AP’s
  • B5c’s meet other collocation requirements (adequate angular separation, similar RSSI, same TDMA settings)
  • B5-Lites are configured as stations
  • No synchronization requirements at the station ends of the link (B5-Lite has no GPS).

We haven’t specifically tested this, so it would be interesting to know if it works for you.

but I would need to wait for FW ver 1.4.0?

Yes, 1.3.1 only supports Auto TDMA. It may connect to a B5/B5c that is also in Auto TDMA mode, but that mode is not compatible with GPS-Sync on either platform.