B5C Link low Capacity

Hi guys ,
any idea why the link actually capacity is low?

details is in the image.

the spectrum is not noisy

How are you doing the BW testing?

I “think” there is a BW test client in the radios themselves, I have never really trusted it, but you might be able to play around with it.

TBH, there are a million things that could be effecting you at this moment.

i have used the mimosa bandwidth test i have also used the bandwidth test using iperf and mikrotik bandwidth test, same result

I may have found a solution by not using traffic split by setting it to auto, seems to fix the problem.

I have never found the speeds Mimosa advertises as being achievable (at least with unlicensed stuff) in the real world no matter how quiet the noise floor or how great the SNR is and your issue is a prime example! With those RX SNR #s you should be hitting the speeds Mimosa claims at least on the RX side!

So, the internal test is going to be moderately unreliable. IMO. You really should never test something with itself. (Eats up a lot of CPU)

When you run the radios in fixed frame mode, 75/25 through 25/75 they will dedicate a certain portion of their bandwidth for one direction or the other. If, on the other hand, you set your radios to “Auto” then they will throw as much of their efforts as they can towards sending traffic in either direction.

To properly do testing, you really should setup an iPerf server on equipment that you can verify that will be able to handle above the speeds that you are wanting to test.

yup did iperf same result…