B5c link problem

We have a link running using B5c radios in the licensed 4.9 band. The radios at both ends are connected to Mikrotik routers. I updated the firmware in those yesterday and had to set their Ethernet interface to Auto to get them to talk to the radios.
This afternoon I noted the routers and radios had connected at 100/full. That’s what showed up on the data page of the radios at both ends. I don’t like an auto setting anywhere in our network; we have had too many problems with devices continually negotiating or just stopping communications, so we set everything to fixed.
I changed the router at one end to fixed 100 full and all was well.
I changed the router at the other end to 100 full and the radio stopped talking to it. When I changed that router back to auto the router and radio started talking again, and the data page in the radio shows the negotiated 100 full.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on why I can’t set the radio to 100/full.


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We too have had similar problems with Mimosa’s and Mtiks…only radio that has this problem as other brands have been fine.

I’ll be watching this thread to see if anyone has any input.

Sir Jim10 just put rubber on the back of the b5c radio between the pole and the radio, then you will notice the 100/full become 1000/full. Thanks