B5C Link Question

Hello folks, I have a question… and it’s probably a noobie question but I’m not sure where to look or ask… we have a b5c link with RF Elements ultra horns… it’s been good and stable but I need more bandwidth… I’m colocated on 2 heavily used, busy towers…

Question 1; when the PHY Tx/Rx says 126/275 Mbps that is us sending data from the AP to the SM side of the link… if the upload us so much higher is there a way to swap that … as in if we swap the channels will that impact it

question 2: following up on question one… does the signal difference mean one side of the link is out more than the other…? my thought is each side of the link have different channels open… I would be willing to sacrafice upload as we use less than 10% of our upload and are maxing out the download at the tower…

question 3: I have been pleased with the Mimosa link and gear and support… if we were to apply for a licensed band, can the B5C be unlocked to licensed frequnecies in Canada ? Someone told me I would need to “move to Cambium and thow out this Mimosa crap”… but I’m not sure if that was a pitch to buy Cambium (or some other product from them)…

Question 1: No. The rate that the radios are talking at is negotiated depending on aspects of the link at each end. Lower noise or better signal on one side of the link will, generally, cause the link to negotiate higher speeds.
Check out this page for more info.

Question 2: Not sure what you mean by “out”, if you mean “out of alignment” then it’s possible.

Question 3: That would probably be a question for Mimosa support, I don’t operate in Canada so I don’t know the rules, but I do know that Mimosa isn’t certified to operate in all of the bands that they support in all countries.

You need to get the HPOD license for 5150-5250 in canada. You’ll then get more channel space.
It’s just paperwork.