B5C Low throughput for download speed and Low SNR

Can anyone help me with my link? I have 45km link using mimosa b5c paired with Ubiquity Rocket Dish 34dbi. My problem is that I am experiencing a very low download throughput, and my SNR is quite low. I spend almost 2 days aligning my antennas but the signal level does not go below -55dbm. My fresnel height is very good and has no obstructions and a clear line of sight. I am new to Mimosa radios and I am not sure if my selected frequency is correct based on the noise I am exposed to. Thank you

What antennas are you using for this link?

Im using Ubiquity Rocket Dish 34dbi Antennas Sir…

UBNT Rocket Dish isn’t designed for operation in 6GHz. This is why you see such a lower signal there. They aren’t exactly designed for 4.9GHz either but you only lose 4dB on that. I would recommend using antennas designed for 6GHz and using the 6GHz spectrum. ALGcom or Netpoint antennas would be your best bet.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 8.55.11 AM