B5C maximum speedtest

Hi guys.

Anyone can share their maximum speedtest for B5C? For mine can get 500Mbps Full Duplex for UDP protocol and only managed to get 150Mbps for TCP protocol. Please refer to attachment




Use powerful mikrotik CCR routers for testing TCP. Your mikrotik CPU is not fast enough.

We suggest testing the through-put of any link in isolation from the rest of the network and using a tool that allows one to set the TCP window size and use multiple TCP streams. We recommend iperf for this purpose, and computers with enough memory and CPU capacity to handle a Gigabit data stream. Our recommended through-put test can be found on our help site at the following link: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-troubleshooting-throughput-iperf

Currently we used Mikrotik CCR router for this test

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We will try it first. Thanks for suggestion

Test betwin RB951G -

Много шум колега на честота 5060. Гледай за чиста част от спектъра и със сигурност ще вдигнеш скорости над 1гбит.

Unfortunately, the dream of pure air is just a dream. Who can find me a free 80 megahertz will receive a very big gift in the form of alcoholic products and a large amount of appetizers.

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Hi, can you share, link, channel & power config?


1st channel - 5070, second 5890 and you are good.

The key to high through-put is a high PHY rate, which is achieved by getting getting a high SNR and low PER. The highest PHY rates are obtained when the SNR is 27.5 dB or higher. We often recommend 30 to 32 dB in provide some fade margin above 27.5. We also strongly recommend modeling all links in the Mimosa Design tool to determine what received signal to expect and make sure the antennas are aligned to that received signal. You may also want to consulting this document from our help site: