B5c Mimosa antenna help please


I bought B5C but i need help !
i have more antenna from ubiquiti staff, but What is the appropriate option for B5C :point_down:
RocketDish LW 30dbi
RocketDish Ac 31dbi
AirFiber Dish 30dbi

What is the appropriate option for B5C ?:point_up_2:

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Iā€™m using RocketDish Ac 31dbi with B5c

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How much signal strength you got and how much distance

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As long as it is a 2x2 H+V or 45 slant anything will do. In that respect, look at the characteristics of the antennas that suit most to your need.
There are many good antennas on the market these days for every budget and/or distance and/or environment.

Antennas are the most important part of a good working wireless network. So put some energy in studying what you need and which antennas are good.

I bought this for B5c to connect in rocketdish ac

Does it work good ?

Your rf cable will inscrease insertion loss because have one more connector.
You can use this one:

Ubnt antenna is on rp-sma, ur shown jumper cable is incorrect !