B5c noise problem

hello i have this ptp with mimosa b5c but im having a lot of trouble with noice. im using 30 rocketdish. any ideas??? im thinking on remove the rocketdish and install ALG COM dishes with isolation radome

it seems to be really disalligned. The target is -49 while you have -68. Is there any alignment problem?

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My back of the envelope check shows mid 40s as well, You definitely want to check the alignment.

I would also check to make sure that your path shot is clear of obstructions. At that distance of a link you are 80 feet wide in your frenzel zone, which means unless you are +60 ft up in the air on both sides of your link it’s likely that you could be seeing signal degradation from stuff blocking your signal.

Yes you use ALGcom UPX model you get stable we also used alg products and it’s giving good results