B5C Nonsensical Frequency Restrictions

Hello, we just recently noticed a firmware update 2.8.x that includes up to 6400 where regulations allow. However the Canada licensed country restricts every single licensed 5-6ghz channel. In fact the only change between canada and canada licenesed is the inclusion of an indoor only band (5150-5250) which isnt even a licensed band. just indoor. What is the purpose of having a Canada licensed band when you dont include any of the 6ghz band that is licensed for use in Canada.

We are in the process of replacing every single mimosa backhaul we have in the field due to their lack of frequency, and the fact that every single mimosa we have put in the field can only connect with 3 out of 4 chains. we’ve tried everything in mimosa’s documentation to fix that to no avail.

When it boils down to when you buy a mimosa product you simply dont own the product. mimosa does and always will. If i buy any of the competition (which out performs the mimosa at a identical price) I own the device, and the installer needs to make sure they abide by local restrictions.

Long story short: if you have a 6ghz PTP license in canada you cant use it with a mimosa device even though they suggest otherwise. Shady business practices at best.

I suspect there’s a misunderstanding here. The 6.4 GHz range is probably there for the USA, and Canada usually uses USA-market gear. Mimosa has never homologated the B5c for the 6 GHz licensed band. Maybe it would pass, maybe not, I don’t know, but US rules for licensed microwave are stricter than in many other countries. I don’t know if it would be okay in Canada or not.
What is coming to the US is 6 GHz unlicensed, using Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) to protect licensed incumbents. The AFCs are in the works and may reach FCC approval by the end of the year. While the current B5c is probably incapable of using the 6525-6875 MHz portion, the new range suggests that the 5925-6425 portion is in reach. Or maybe it will take a new hardware rev, but the same firmware. I haven’t seen an official announcement from Mimosa yet.

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