B5c not accessible

Hi there,
I have Mimosa B5c. I could ping its IP address but could not access the radio. I changed browsers, rebooted radio, even changed PC but anyhow i could not access it. I also seek for reset device with 2.4Ghz wifi but same thing happens, it pings but yet i could not access the radio.

I also have a new box-pack B5c, it is easily accessible with direct lan and wifi. But with same resources my previous B5c is not accessible, its only ping-able…

Please suggest, have to deploy this pair of devices asap.

How did you setup the IP? Statically or through DHCP?

Hi @William5
Its DHCP + static failover.

Do you have access to the DHCP server and can verify that the B5c is getting the IP it’s supposed to be using? Also, probably would be good to double check and make certain that the gateway for the B5c and netmask are correct.

After that, it could be a firewall issue, I have run into plenty of firewalls that will let you ping through, but not allow access to other things.

Hi @William5
yes, I have accessed the dhcp server as well and identified its IP with mac-address tracing. Acquired IP is ping-able but radio still not accessible.

When you say firewall, I understood firewall in PC/laptop, i turned it off and tried to access with browser, still its not accessible only ping-able.

Would appreciate for your further suggestions. THanks.

Ahh ya, firewall on the computer is probably a good idea to check, but I was talking about a network firewall.

If you are set for DHCP - perhaps you could plug a laptop into the POE unit and connect to the (or 20) - address - the default IP?
That address should be the “fall back IP” - then you should be able to access it via Ethernet.

From Dustin: “if this doesn’t work, you should try using Incognito or InPrivate Browsing mode and try again.”

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