B5c on 4.9Ghz to match new FCC rules

The FCC now allows individual channels in the licensed 4.9Ghz band from 5 MHz to aggregated up to 40MHz. The B5c only allows 20MHz channels.
When can we expect a firmware update so we can use the full capability in the current rules?


Please see

in particular J(62) adopts rules allowing aggregation up to the full 50 Mhz width of the band. And the current rules allow the use of 5 Mhz channels, aggregated to 10, 20 and 40. See the chart below.

They also increased the allowed power levels. See para 60 in the Report and Order. Your radio firmware should be modified to allow those new limits. If you are going to impose a constraint it should be the correct limit.

Please advise when you will provide a firmware update to match these new rules.


What he said.

Please respond with new firmware ETA.