B5c Polarity Labels: 1 and 2 vs. H and V

My Mimosa B5c antenna poles are marked 1 and 2 instead of H and V. Which one is H and which one is V? Thank you for your help!

It depends on how you connected it to the antenna. You would have to trace the cable from each port to know. Otherwise there is no way to tell that I know of.

Thanks, it’s because we’re trying to replace a B5-Lite with a B5c; the antenna on the other end is also a B5c, and I’m assuming it’s connected H to H and V to V, but it would require a crane to get up to it to actually see. The Mimosa support documentation just contains a picture of the poles being labeled H and V, and makes no mention of 1 and 2. I guess we just have to experiment with it one way and then the other way, and see which works better? Seems kind of silly. Thanks again for the reply

There isn’t a need to coordinate the H to H and V to V in Mimosa radios. (Actually this is true for most dual chain radios.)

Thanks, I have to admit I’m not super-knowledgeable about how all this stuff works, if that’s the case then this page is a bit misleading: Backhaul Installation Guide: B5c Antenna Connections

Huh, first time I read that page, I know I have never paid attention to my B5 radios before. Then again I have RF Elements antennas for all of them so we would have been pretty consistent in keeping them the same.

Either way, I know I have talked to Mimosa people and it shouldn’t matter from my understanding. The radios distinguish the two signals because they are +3 dB different and whichever is stronger for each chain goes to that chain…

Alrighty then, thanks again for your help!