B5c radar detect and frequency choosing

we’re having some issue about “radar detect”, if it find some activity, b5 switchs its frequency to another, although it has fixed channel and not auto select.
The problem is that sometimes it chooses a very bad frequencya and also, I think, there aren’t any radar activity, but only some change about frequency in competitor’s wireless network.

Does anyone else have this problem? The version is 1.5.1

I hope mimosa improves its firmware in the choice of frequency after radar detect.

I have had that happen. Make sure you have correct gain settings for your antenna otherwise weak or spurious signals will make false DFS hits and make your life miserable.

Next would be to check on Mimosa’s Design site to see if there are any registered Radar locations nearby you. (look out ~15 miles or a bit more, they can be quite powerful) We have one to our south that we avoid like the plague.


Im here in Germany and have also positive false Radar detection, because too many Providers are in the Air. There is only one Wether Radar on 5620Mhz in my Area. For Future, i must use Mikrotik in Superchannel Mode to solve this. I discussed that by Email over days with Mimosa Support without result. Here is the last Answer:

Hi Jurgen,

I’ve had a response from my support guys. Due to strict German Regulations, we do not have a ‘Licenced mode’ for your region.

Apologies, I’m not too familiar with the German regulatory framework and was not aware.

May I suggest you contact our support team directly, via the support button on the cloud site? Hopefully, they will be able to optimise for your environment within the German legal restrictions.

Mimosa Firmware 2.5.0 solve this Problem on C5C in my Case.
After install the device, no false Radar detect for 20 days now.
Great work to the Mimosa Team. We still wait for Firmware on B5C


@DustinS Any update coming soon for B5/B5c ?

Hi @morris,

At this time, I can honestly say no. I know we’re discussing adding a bunch of changes we’ve made to C5c to the B5 branch of firmware, but I don’t have a timeline on when this will be done.


Any updates on the roadmap for a new B5 firmware soon?

We have extreme problems with RADAR detection on our B5 links that are on the same tower as a couple of A5c which are not suffering from RADAR detection problems at all.

Check out the log below. there is not a single channel that I can use that doesn’t get hit by a fake RADAR signal, Whatever you did to mitigate these problems on the 2.5.1 A5 firmware, please fix it on the B5 as well, because they are completely useless at this time.

2018-12-18 03:44:20 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:120
2018-12-18 03:44:48 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:116
2018-12-18 03:49:38 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:64
2018-12-18 03:52:55 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:63
2018-12-18 04:01:03 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:57
2018-12-18 04:01:41 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:53
2018-12-18 04:16:53 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 04:18:27 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:121
2018-12-18 04:32:22 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:116
2018-12-18 04:34:43 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:52
2018-12-18 05:03:57 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 05:10:32 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:134
2018-12-18 05:34:37 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 05:40:06 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:124
2018-12-18 05:41:30 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:140
2018-12-18 05:42:55 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:130
2018-12-18 06:04:59 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 06:05:27 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:137
2018-12-18 06:09:12 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:108
2018-12-18 06:10:46 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:54
2018-12-18 06:37:58 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 06:38:35 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:100
2018-12-18 06:39:13 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:128
2018-12-18 06:40:47 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:60
2018-12-18 06:43:17 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:134
2018-12-18 06:45:10 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:117
2018-12-18 06:46:43 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:126
2018-12-18 06:51:06 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:119
2018-12-18 07:10:11 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 07:10:49 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:64
2018-12-18 07:11:26 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:139
2018-12-18 07:14:24 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:137
2018-12-18 07:40:39 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 07:41:17 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:113
2018-12-18 07:41:26 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:127
2018-12-18 07:42:13 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:53
2018-12-18 07:43:19 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:135
2018-12-18 07:45:58 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:56
2018-12-18 07:48:28 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:119
2018-12-18 07:48:57 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:129
2018-12-18 09:03:05 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 10:00:05 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 10:37:59 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 11:19:47 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 11:29:29 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:134
2018-12-18 13:33:10 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:58
2018-12-18 13:34:26 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:111
2018-12-18 13:53:13 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:121
2018-12-18 20:35:00 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT RADAR:Channel:140

Is this a B5c? If so, are you certain that you have correct Antenna Gain and power settings correct? I had this issue a bit with one of my A5cs and found that we had really incorrect settings in that department. Non-DFS frequencies were getting hits and such.

Never used a B5 but if it has similar settings to the rest of the Mimosa line, that could mess it up pretty badly.

Heck, you might even try going for a higher then reality value in the antenna gain department, might help squish the whatever algorithm in your favor…

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Hi William!

No, We are using regular B5 links. But we have tried all possible variations in the TX-power settings, including Auto Everything. 2x20, 2x40, channels etc


Are you nearby non-Mimosa equipment? I dunno, maybe there is something that is blasting the B5 with RF that makes it think it’s getting hits?

What does your spectrum look like?

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