B5C Relay 27/75 75/25?

Hi, i have 3 sites. A<——>BC<——>D
All with B5C radios. A and B use 30 dbi ubnt antennas, C and D use 34 dbi Ubnt antennas. B and C are on the same tower and is bassically a relay to get to D. My question is is their any way i can do 75/25 because most traffic will be download going to D, for instance if i use different channels on B and C can i use 75/25? Or its mandatory to use 50/50

If you’re syncing your radios, you have to use 50/50 or you will have to deal with the following:

A(75/25) ---- B(25/75)C(27/75) ---- D (75/25). This has to do with gender A and B syncing. If you aren’t trying to sync your backhauls, then I’d run Auto so you get the most throughput out of your links.

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Double up @DustinS.

It is the same for my B11s I have back to back. Even though they are on different frequencies we don’t run anything besides 50/50 because otherwise some portion of the time one link will be transmitting when the other link is receiving. (Exactly what GPS Sync is supposed to avoid)