B5c station looses GPS

In an new PTP link using B5c’s set up as AP/Station, the station end log shows it is loosing GPS repeatedly. “No GPS signal for 3 seconds” followed by “GPS signal recovered”. The timing is set to GPS.
The Ethernet data shows about RX 200 fragments a day and a couple of times a day routers at the end points show a lost sync error. This microwave link is in the path between a Morotola Astro25 P25 site and the zone controller, and that path drops and recovers.
First question is, do the RX stats in the Ethernet statistics page reflect packets received from the router connected to the radio? That would be logical, but I need to confirm that.
Next question is, since the radio with the GPS errors is the Station does this loss of GPS signal affect the link timing and might it be the cause of the errors? Or is the GPS at the station end just used to keep time for the log and messages?
I suspect the GPS loss of signal is due to interference from a close 765Mhz transmit antenna and there isn’t much I can do about that - no other place on the tower for this microwave dish. Next question is, if I change the clock source on that station end to NTP will the timing of the link be affected?
I suspect the link timing is controlled by the AP end and this loss of GPS signal at the station is not causing the Ethernet RX fragments, and that I could change that source to NTP without causing a problem.

I changed the station time source to NTP and it had no affect on the link quality, so apparently the RF link timing is not controlled by the station end clock source.