B5c strange timeouts after upgrade


I have upgraded my 13km link last night 1.4.7-beta4 to 1.5.0. I got about 2% timeout on simple ping (made by 2 mikrotik router) over the link. I back to beta4 and I got packet loss also… :frowning:
When I changed the auto TDMA to 50/50 2ms the packet loss disappeared.
I can see another strange thing:

What’s happened? It was a perfect link with auto TDMA before…

Hi @Gabor,

We have forwarded this on to engineering. Since you’re having issues, feel free to move back down to 1.4.7 beta4 until we have this resolved.

Also could you PM me your serial numbers for these two B5c radios? I’d like to look at them on the cloud, if they are cloud connected.


thank you for the answer. I think you misunderstood me. Before upgrade it was autoTDMA with beta4. It worked well. I upgraded to 1.5.0 so I got timeouts. After downgraded the devices timeouts still exist… I changed to TDMA 2ms the timeouts are gone.