B5c temperature

Noticed that our B5c is showing that the temperature is running 60c during the heat of the day.
In Arizona here, but I am not sure it gets out to 140 f. outside.
Unit has good air flow to it!

Is this an error in the programming, or is this normal?

If NOT normal, then any suggestions to get it down lower, or is the unit having a problem?

Hi Wayne,

The B5c shows the internal case temperature which has a 23-27 degree rise above ambient, depending on traffic and installed conditions. Calculating backward, it is probably ~91°F outside.

60°C Device Temperature - 27°C Rise = 33°C Ambient
Convert C to F: (9/5) * 33°C + 32 = 91.4°F

The temperature specifications on the datasheet refer to ambient temperature.
Since 91°F < 140°F (60°C) upper limit, the temperature is within spec.

Hi Wayne
We had units that hot in a tropical marine environment but the FW 1.3.1 has dropped the tempreture by an average of 10degC. What FW are you on?

Went back to 1.2.3 firmware, as the 1.3.1 kept dropping throughput on us! Good connection, no data going through it! This is our main backhaul, and it is running fine on 1.2.3 firmware.

1.3.1 got us higher connection rates, but they were not as stable, kept jumping around a lot !

1.2.3 seems to be more stable!