B5c to Ubiquiti 30dBi dish antenna cable

I’ve used in the past RP-SMA Male with Female Pin to N Type Male Plug RG58 to connect the B5c to a Ubiquiti 34dBi dish with no issues. I am finding myself needing to connect to a 30dBi dish, which already has pigtails. I thought I’d need a RP-SMA Female to N Type Male Plug RG58, but my searches are coming up with various adapters and what looks to be the complete wrong setup. Any help in sourcing the antenna cables would be apricated.

Picture is of the Ubiquiti 30dBi dish side, with the cable hard-wired. It’s only about 6 inches long.

So I’d need something to go from that to the B5c.

Would just adding a RP-SMA Female to RP-SMA Female Adapter work with the cable I already have?


60 cm Coaxial Cable RG-142/U, 50 Ohm, with N Male to N Male Connectors

This cable can serve you perfectly

Other side is a RP-SMA Female, so I don’t think both sides being N Male will work. I ordered a couple of those barrels, hopefully they’ll work out.