B5c UDP vsTCP problem

Hi Guys

Im just installed on B5c for distance 23km. After radio to radio test i managed to get 950Mbps-1Gbps oneway and 450-500Mbps full duplex. So after im test router to router, i can get the speed exactly the same for UDP but I only managed to get only 30Mbps full duplex for TCP. Any advice for this problem? thank you in advance.


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I have same issue. I solved this issue by replace the low quality cable from PoE to Switch to other better one.

currently i used UTP from poe to switch. will try when onsite. thank you for your suggestion

What is length of cable from radio to poe?

cable length from radio to poe is approximately 50m. im used SFTP Cat 6 from radio to poe. Only from poe to switch used UTP Cat6.