B5c "Unable to load data. Please reload." firmware version

I am trying to fire up a b5c but it is constantly saying “Unable to load data. Please reload.”

I looked this up and saw it was a problem back in '17 but was addressed by a firmware update. I am running, which is the most up to date as far as I am aware.

Have you tried using a browser in “private browsing” mode (Preferably Chrome in Incognito mode)?

Yes. I have tried Chrome in normal and incognito, IE, and Edge. I have tried using wifi and ethernet. I have tried with the links connected and with the links separated. I have reloaded firmware a half dozen times. I have tried with two different computers.

Well I am running and have never seen the issue. I also break from Mimosa’s recommendations and use Firefox almost exclusively.

I would recommend either trying a 2.5/4.x firmware or an earlier 2.8.x firmware. That said, I watch the forms (this and others) and I am not seeing other people report this issue.

In both situations where a previous firmware works or doesn’t solve your issues, I would recommend talking directly to Mimosa Support and see if they have any suggestions.