B5C undetectable chain

Hi all,

i buy 4 pcs B5C then we deploy 1 pair but we have problem. chain 1 is undetectable so we decided to take a break to fix this.

Yesterday we are back in the mountain trying to fix this undetectable chain and we replace RJ jumper and OMT converter kit for rocket dish 34 dbi but still there is undetectable chain.

we replace existing B5C in our tower then the problem solved.

Today, i tried to figure out the cause of this undetectable chain and we are sad to say that this is relative to hardware problem because the other B5C unit has no undetectable chain.


Hit up Mimosa Support, they may have a couple tests for you to run, but it sounds like you have a bad piece of hardware.

If memory serves, you do NOT want to turn on your radios without an antenna connected to it - as it could burn them out - as it is expecting a particular resistance from the cable and antenna.

I think that they make special attenuators for testing stuff with no antenna…

Do some research on your own - but I found this quickly:

Not saying that you broke anything further - but avoid doing that if you can!

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what happen if you try to lower your TX settings with antennas connected? are chains back and what is the maximum you can set just to make it appear? If it does…its still problematic i think.