B5c Won't Connect to Cloud

I have several PtP links, using B5 and B5c units, that all show up in the Cloud Management system just fine.

However, I have one PtP link, using B5c units, that will not show up properly in the Cloud Management system.

Specifically, in the Device List, the ‘remote’ side shows up with the error message “Remote device not found”.

The ‘Access Point’ side of this PtP link will not show up in the Cloud Management system.

This link is working fine and I can access both ends of this link from a PC on that network.

In the ‘Access Point’ side, Cloud Management is enabled and it shows as being Enabled.

Any ideas?

John Rayfield, Jr.

As long as both sides of a link have Mimosa Cloud there shouldn’t be a problem.

What firmware are you running?

Any kind of firewall that might be blocking?

Can you ping cloud.mimosa.co from the B5’s?

I have randomly had this problem with all of my devices at one time or another.

As @William5 indicated – if the links show they’re up at the related radios, then you’re ok. The cloud services, for whatever reason, have this flaw where they indicate, falsely there may be a issue, but really it’s JUST the cloud talking to the device.

I recently had a different cloud response that showed a link was down, when in fact it was not. It literally reported it was down hard… Checking the links directly showed this was not true…

While like many that use the cloud information to help establish the health of their radios and links, we find that it appears it’s not 100% reliable for that, and we
changed some time ago to just monitoring the links directly thru their own connections as well as some additional “network” related tools.

It is less convenient, but we know at a glance using an alternate method.

I’m running 1.5.1 firmware on all PtP links.

I can’t ping cloud.mimosa.co from any of the links that I’ve tried, even ones that are showing up in the Cloud system.

One thing that is odd is that when I added the ‘missing’ B5c into the Inventory List, it won’t show the unlock key. I’m going to contact Mimosa tech support about this.


Thanks for this information, Bryan. I figured that the problem is probably in Mimosa’s Cloud system and I really appreciate this confirmation that it likely is just that.


Uhh, I doubt it.

Sorry, I messed up. The Cloud address used to work and was my default check, but it stopped responding to pings a while back.

You could try checking to see if there is any traffic coming from your B5s, My A5c’s have traffic going to See if that could be being blocked anywhere…

@William5…Which part are you applying the “Uhh, I doubt it” to? I wasn’t able to tell what you were referring to on that part…

For my response however… I was actively working with support at the time so it wasn’t a response that came from me, it came from them at the time as they checked their end of that system.

I was able to confirm the symptom multiple times during later events where the cloud information showed down totally or one side of the link offline, when in fact it was working perfectly.

For us, we just don’t worry too much about that other than it’s another information source. Even if it was accurate all the time, we would still need to do our own checks on our own system so not really a problem in the big picture as long as you’re aware of the pros and cons.

I was referring to Mimosa’s Cloud being down, other then when the inform us of down-times I have not seen their stuff not getting information.

But if you have confirmed with Mimosa support that the problem was on their end then I won’t argue the point, if they said it was on their end then I will let them take the blame.

To be honest I don’t use the cloud for much anymore, mass updates is about it besides occasionally looking for one off signal drops.

I guess I am glad Mimosa has been working on hardware and software fixes over the cloud platform, it will be a bloody fight getting my boss convinced to pay for what UBNT offers, mostly, for free*.

I agree totally though, it is a nice source of information especially when other sources of info are vague/unclear as to what the issue could be. If nothing else it is a great starting point for a WISP getting their feet wet.

*admittedly there is a cost to us, we have to have a server we maintain and we have to do backups and all the other junk, but otherwise there isn’t a large cost and it doesn’t require that we have any of our radios able to access the internet.