B5L Station 105ºC with low throughput

Hello community,

I bought my first kit ptp mimosa, B5 Lite version, I was very excited when I saw the throughput above 500mb in both TCP and UDP.

But I noticed something that has taken away the tranquility, the antenna that is in Station mode always has a temperature above the one in AccessPoint mode (As you can see in the print).

I also put in this print, the temperature of my city, but this only to avoid future speculations, I did a test with this kit before putting them into production and also presented the same discrepancy of each other, both of which were indoors with a distance of less than 50m.
During this test, I changed the shielded CAT6 Hercules cable to other ones with the same specifications, but I did not get any changes, but when I removed the PoE source and put it back in the socket a few times, they got the same temperature as expected, importance to this, I considered that it being in Station mode, would be doing some kind of “improvement” of the link and after that, it would normalize.

But after putting them into production for 2 days, I did this little test passing 200mb TCP to see that it goes from 100º, and in the specifications says:
(Operating Temperature -40 ° C to + 55 ° C (-40 ° F to 131 ° F)).

The reason to open this topic is because I believe that so my Station will lose its useful life as well as its power / sensitivity and even processing capacity, we know that the lower the temperature the faster the processor works and thus, I will have more band and less latency.

No more is this, I hope someone can give me some clarification, thank you!

PS. Sorry for my english translated by google translate.


The temperature displayed on the B5 Lite interface is it’s CPU temperature which will be significantly hotter than the ambient temperature the B5 Lite is operating in. The CPU temperatures shown on your B5 Lites are within the allowable range.

The key to increasing the bandwidth capacity on this link is to increase its SNR to 27.5 dB or higher. Another thing is to make sure both B5 Lites are running the same firmware version, yours is showing version 1.4.6 on one B5 Lite and 1.4.5 on the other. It would be helpful to get both on version 1.4.6

We also suggest that the link be modeled in the Mimosa Design tool so you can get a prediction of the received signal and verify the antennas are aligned for the highest possible received signal.