B5x - no 802.3af,at? "48V passive isolated injector" (c'mon Mimosa!)

I am just now running into this power conundrum using a Cisco switch. This is a big deal, we need remote reboots via PoE switches. Not a want, but a need. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

I know for the C5x we use the ubiquiti Poe to 24V PoE “stepdown” converters and we can power cycle remotely, but since this is listed as 48V may not work.

We have been very disappointed with this limitation. I was expecting a PoE+ powered device with a 2.5 Gbps ethernet port to hit the full gigabit speeds through the air. I know it is not as easy as snapping your fingers and making it happen, but this seems like a reboot of the C5x series with an updated cpu and add an ax card (still a big deal to have ax). If the price needs to go up to add PoE+ and 2.5 Gbps ethernet, than so be it. Just my opinion here - but I feel that should be standard now.

I know you guys at Mimosa work your tails off and we 1000% appreciate any new product in the current climate we are in. If we could just add PoE or PoE+ support that would make things easier on everyone involved.

SFPs welcome as well :wink:

Mimosa’s FAQ doesn’t make any mention of the B5x. Maybe they can update that can clarify the power options of a B5x.

Out of curiosity, have you tried using your switch to power a B5x?

Yes we tried with a Cisco 3650 with PoE+.

Someone else asked this recently also. Mimosa has finally put the B5x in the list of items in Support. It is Passive PoE. I’ve seen Active to Passive PoE adapters. This would allow you to use the PoE in the switch to power the B5x. However, I’ve never used one of these adapters, so I have no recommendations beyond that I’ve seen they exist.

I’ll agree. I would expect newer items to use Active PoE.

Looks like the A6 will follow the same suite given its data sheet as well. :sob:

We tried using the active to passive converters (can’t remember name but listed on Amazon, green and grayish cover). Anyhow - as soon as traffic starts to pass through the unit it reboots…. Still no solution besides swapping to netonix