B5x Transmit Chain 4 is Very Poor

Hello! Just bought a pair of B5x radios and we were hoping to use this to replace some B5c’s that we have in the field. We have had issues in the past with the N connectors getting water in them, and causing 2 chains to drop intermittently and causing issues. Seeing as the B5x does not have N connectors we were very happy to see that change. So we bought two B5x’s, as well as the RF elements ultradish 27 to create a nice stable link.

The link looks great, however no matter what channel, power setting, and alignment, the chain 4 TX always looks very poor compared to the others. The ultradish is set in slant mode, and currently we are running 2 x80 mhz channels.

We are almost at the point of trying to RMA this device because we cannot figure out the issue. The only thing we have not tried is swapping the AP for the SU, however this would take a loot of work .

Any ideas?

Any updates I have same issue