Backbone Design Strategies

Hello fellow WISP’s… we are VERY excited to be launching our latest backbone. This will be our first 100% Mimosa-powered design. The backbone will cover 70.4 miles and 7 hops from our fiber source to the end. It will ultimately tie into another backbone for an effective wireless loop design. My experience so far is that we will be able to deliver 200-400 Mbps down (depending on the channel size, etc.) and about 100-150 up along this backbone. We’ve had good results with the first two hops of this backbone so far and the GPS sync works great. We should be able to optimize a channel strategy along this path that delivers great bi-directional bandwidth.

Would anyone else be willing to share their success stories about Mimosa backbones? I’m a bit concerned about the latency stackup and this backbone will ultimately be shortened to about 50 miles (five hops) in a later phase. We are prepared, however, to accept a bit higher latency in exchange for good quality bandwidth. We can’t wait to see how this works and we hope to report good things by the middle of September or earlier.

Any feedback, suggestions, etc. regarding your backbones would be appreciated. Has anyone chained more than 7 hops together with this equipment yet? Challenges? Successes?

Thanks in advance for your information.


Check in with @Rory - he’s got a 5 hop backbone using B5 gear, can share his experience and design.

I’ve been running them for a few months and will be up to about 400 users on them within 60 days. The latency hasn’t been an issue with us and we have a lot of Ooma users.


Thanks for the info Rory. I’m glad the B5’s are working well for you. What are your hop distances? Are you using primarily UNII-1 and UNII-3 or UNII-2 as well? Have you run into any OOBE issues (power limitations)? Thanks again and I wish you success as you add more customers. :slight_smile:

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This particular backhaul is pretty short. The longest link is about 2.5 miles and the shortest 800’ so OOBE isn’t an issue. I’m using 1 and 3 on this but I could just as well use 2. I only have interference issues on one end but the other end is shooting right across my tower and hundreds of users and it’s running at 800Mbps at the PHY Layer with no issues.

Thanks Rory. Is anyone else using B5’s plus UNII-2 on their backbones? I could get UNII-1 and UNII-3 to work but not UNII-2 on my 2.2 mile link. The former worked fairly well on my 13 mile link but I just can’t get UNII-2 to link for some reason. With the lower power limits, it feels like it might be limited to something much less than 1.5 miles.

No, something is not right. I tested it out to 4.5 miles with no problem.

That’s good to hear. I will play with it some more. I agree that it should work so maybe I’m using dirty channels or something.