Backhaul 802.1q trunk? VLAN capabilities

Do the B5 series support transparent bridging? Plug site A in a 801.1q switch trunkport and fully pass it through site B.
Any limitation on numbers of VLANs?
Also want to know if you can use multiple SSIDs to specific VLANs.

Well,i got a reseller to check this and tranparent bridging should work and there are no known limitations about VLANs.
Multiple SSIDS mapped to VLANs are maybe possible in new PTMP firmware. We use this sometimes on our existing Cisco infrastructure with the “Root Bridge with wireless Clients” function. Use AP1242 and AP1252 for up to 20km backhauls.

Ordered our first four B5c´s yesterday and will do some testing. Alternatives for us are Cisco AP1572, but with a pricetag almost x5 times of the Mimosa B5c its not tempting. AP1532 is also considered, but they are not AC.