Backhaul Bakeoff results @ WISPApalooza

It was an amazing night for Mimosa at WISPApalooza We went up against Cambium PTP650, Ligowave, AirFiber 5x and Rocket AC Lite, all tested by the WISPs, and subjective categories judged by 83 different WISPs.

The results?

  • Highest Capacity (B5c) - 1.4 Gbps!!!
  • Lowest $/Bit in 40 MHz (B5-Lite)
  • Lowest $/Bit in 80 MHz (B5-Lite)
  • Best User Interface
  • Best Functionality and Features
  • Best Customer Support

and…Manufacturer or the Year!!!

7 awards in total!!!

We’d really like to thank all of you who use the products and support us everyday, we only can hope to keep up the disruption curve for you all. A huge validation of over 3.5 years of work from the very people that we believe can scale the industry.


Awesome work guys, well done to all the team

Is there a link to the report?

Waiting to hear from the organizers @Sam1 we have yet to get our own results ourselves and all the subjective comments on the judged categories (looking forward to those from the WISPs!). Will let you guys know as soon as we know.