Backhaul Colocation Planning Tool

Hello everyone! Just wanted to see if I could get some input on a simple tool created in Pain.NET for planning synchronized links on our towers. Also wanted to see if anyone uses any actual software for making these calculations as well. I’m well aware that this can all be done on paper without the visual, but I find this far easier to look at. I do not guarantee the accuracy of this at all. I had to upload this as two parts as pngs, since the forum does not allow the upload of a pdn file.

First photo is your base, you will want to open this up in The following examples are of the JRMB 1200 antenna attached to a B11. I used mimosa’s blog post on collocation of a B5 as an example of how to build this, and as so this assumes you have equal signal to each location. the outer blue circle is at ~ -30dBi, and the inner one is at ~ -40dBi. Assume that 0 degrees is the heading of the first antenna you want to place on the tower.

Second, create a new layer over the above image, and paste the following photo within it. Make sure to edit your layer properties to add transparency if needed. You can now rotate that layer and line it up to the heading of your second location. Make sure that the dotted line falls within the blue on BOTH antennas. The blue is assuming you want an SNR between radios of 40dBm. This could be recalculated at 30, but assume it’s not perfect and that signals may vary a few dB.

Thanks for taking the time of reading my post! Hope it’s helpful and would appreciate any input, or if someone has a better way of doing this as well I would also appreciate it! If you like it let me know and I can see about posting more antenna patterns. I have already generated a few others for antennas that we have deployed in our network.