Backup and Restore issue

Just wondering if anyone has experienced a Backup and restore issue on the C5

I took two brand new C5’s out of the box and upgraded to the latest firmware.

I configured one to talk to an A5-14 within view. Connected, running all ok. I then took a backup from radio 1, restored it to radio #2 and things got weird. I could log in with the IP that came with the new config, but it would not associate to the AP. The radio would not scan to see the AP, the bandwidth was on 80 MHz and was grayed out so I could not change, on the dashboard the status on the bottom left showed WiFi interop when it should have said GPS sync. That option was also grayed out.

I poked at it for a while but ended up going back to factory and setting it up manually again. When I did, everything worked as expected.

Has anyone else seen this? It should be straight forward.

Hi Arthur,

The C5 default configuration for Wireless Protocol is “Auto” which listens for AP beacons and automatically reconfigures itself as necessary. The C5 switches to 80 MHz channel width to increase its chances of hearing the AP. In SRS, the channel width is greyed out, so we suspect that the radio may have been in that mode.

Please send your config file to, and then we will attempt to replicate it what you saw.