Basic Features Timeline?


I know folks are hard at work at the stability fixes for 3.1.3 (fixing needing to reboot A6 to get C6x to associate, random disconnections, frequent latency spikes, low throughput at long 7KM+ distances) but i was curious what the timeline was for some of the basic expected features we’ve become familiar with from using Mimosa B5 and A5-360 such as:

  • TDD (A6 has GPS sync but I’m assuming that’s doing nothing since we can’t set frame sizes)
  • Channel centers in 5MHz increments (can’t use spectrum efficiently without it)
  • Additional channel widths (10MHz was a surprise not to see on launch)
  • Dual Channel (I was under the impression the 7Gbps 8x8 MU-MIMO requires dual channel?)
  • Passive RF scanning (this seemed to have been a Mimosa staple but not present in A6)
  • C6 router mode (is this ever coming? Our network is composed of CPE in router mode so this will be a large change for us)

GPS Sync we hope to have sometime during Q2. Most likely the end of Q2
5MHz should be here soon.
10MHz has never been supported by Quantenna so you’ll never see 10MHz until we move to the new chipset.
Dual Channel is end of the year.
Passive RF scanning will not happen. This is something I hate as well but it is a limitation on the AX Quantenna chip.
You will never see router mode.

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I was hoping for c6 router mode also

thanks for the update Dustin, I appreciate it.