Beam forming on the N5-360

Regarding the subject.

Is Beam Forming a function of the antenna only?

Another way of asking this is:
Do I need to have a Mimosa N5-360 AND a Mimosa radio to take advantage of Beam Forming OR can I still utilize this feature with a non-Mimosa brand radio.

@Renaldo Beamforming is a function of the wireless chip. The N5-360 was designed specifically for the 4 port Mimosa A5c, although it would work well with other 4 port radios that can beamform and support a frequency between 4.9 and 6.4 GHz. It’s unique design provides a 360º coverage pattern that takes advantage of the A5c’s beamforming and power combining to provide a very uniform coverage.


Hello David would you like to know if the N5-360 antenna is in the process of FCC Registration? Thank you


This post is quite old, the N5-360 received FCC approval months ago and is available to customers. Baltic has a bunch earlier this week, but they may be out. Either way, it is in distribution channels.