Best Antenna for MicroPOP

Hi I have being reading about the Mimosa A5c and the varieties of antennas flavors in the market.

I will use Mimosa B5 as my backhaul and deploy a A5c with a antenna that you recommend me to have the best result here.

the covarege area its almost 90* and no more large than 0.6k so I’m planning to use either one of these antenna:

What I can’t find it’s: -the proper N male plug to N male adapter Jumper Pigtail-

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. MT-463042/ND/B/P
IK44095000C (Is this really necesary to mount it on a regular 1.5" tube?)

2x RF Elements SH-CC-5-90

KP Performance KPPA-5GHZHV4P65-17

Thanks in Advance

N male to N male is about the most common cable in the world. If you want a particular length/cable type, just have shireen make them for you. I suggest LMR400 or eq. Don’t use junk rf cables.

Pretty sure your going to want the mounting bracket for that antenna.

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Hey @Carl1 thanks for the reply i found them at Amazon in many sizes; I was reading in using two RF Elememnts 90* Horns to cover that area; and use the regular C5 as it does not have too much branches or threes but i have another proyect in mind, and to cover that area with Mimosa A5c I don’t know which of the Antenna use at the AP and not quite sure which to use at the CPE side…

which wold be the best?
4X4 5GHz 21dBi 60°Mimo Sector Antenna
5GHz 30dBi Mimo DISH Antenna
X4 - 5GHz 17" Tall 17.6 dBi 65 degree
5GHz 30.5dBi Dual Pol Boomerang Feed