Big Bridge - Big Problem A5C and C5

On the beginning I have a question about Mimosa, are You planning to add a router functionality to subscriber module? We have a huge experience in wireless network, and we know, if you have access point with over 50 subscribers and one or two devices have damaged LAN port or damaged WAN port in home router, there is no possibility to locate that issue.
We make some tests, with damaged switch, and every time when You connect it to subscriber antena all other subscribers suffer on low data transfer and ping interruptions.

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I am actually shocked the c5 doesn’t perform NAT and its expected to buy the G2. I have a few routers setting themselves up in AP mode now so customers router isn’t performing a NAT anymore. Right now the only expected option is to buy another device (G2) to do that function since the Mimosa C5 is bridge only. I really wished these radios could incorporate NAT mode but sadly no. Disappointing :frowning:

G2 will not solve the problem of damaged port



I have the same issue with the radios not being able to also be the gateway device at the customer. That being said the solution we came up with works for us. Since we are using Mikrotik routers at the tower we have gone to using a a small mikrotic router such as an RB951 or RB952 at the customers home as the gateway. They can either use that router as they home router or plug their own wifi router into ours. The mikrotik at the customers home then shows up in the “IP Neighbors” list on the core router at the tower to which we can do several diagnostic tests from the tower to inside the home at the customer.

Any comment from Mimosa on this? What is Mimosa’s recommended l2 management strategy for large networks? Bridging into everyone’s homes and businesses seems like a recipe for an unreliable network. I see there are ACL capabilities and rouge DHCP options. Is this the strategy we are expected to employee? If so any examples?

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