Billing Solution

What billing system do you guys use?
I have tested two sonar and Splynx what do you guys recommend

I am stuck in MACC, which is a legacy telephone billing system. Don’t use it, it’s awful.

I have had recommendations for Sonar from several people. I know some people who are entirely in Ubiquiti Land and they use UCRM.

I keep hearing about VISP, don’t know anything about them, but they seem like a cool new kid on the block.

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Yes precicley the billing system is something we have to get right the first time. You have heard good things about sonar? I have too will try them out with a small sect of clients
To be honest if it where up to me I would ban Ubiquiti products there radios are a menace when you have opperators who know nothing about RF planning using a 5 GHz Base station at full power bypassing the regulations. That company seriously needs to go

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I terms of customisation Splynx framework is the best it’s open source only down side is they don’t have a API for Mimosa but as it’s open source we can. They just have an official API for Microtik. I would say it’s more of a framework than a solution

Ya, you probably know more about Billing solutions then I know.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty small community here, you might not get much more input. :cry:

I would check the Mimosa Facebook Group, I understand it is a bit more lively community over there. There are also a few WISP oriented groups there as well that are pretty lively.

You might check out The Brothers WISP podcast, they probably have talked about billing systems.

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As far as the Ubiquiti problem, there are lots of companies that do that all over the place. Heck it is possible to do with Mimosa equipment.

That is why I am pretty consistent on my mantra about following local regulations. It just causes problems, both for yourself when you do it and other people around you.

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That’s very well put yes we can do the same with all these radios including mimosa.
It comes down to the understanding and ethics of the individual company. This is something someone may not care about or an ethical WISP who understands why these regulations are in place. These practices will not give you more coverage or more delivery of bandwidth.
It’s great to hear this from another person who understands.

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What I am doing is separating clients and putting them on different system to clients who are on LTE and Fiber same for Mimosa/PTMP This makes it much easier for a cost effective solution.
So as of now I have put 100 clients on sonar who are on the PTMP network that’s the way I think is best for us now

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